Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Glogirly Katie and Waffles Gift Set #Item27

We have just received this gorgeous Glogirly Gift Set from Katie, Waffles and Debbie Glovatsky.

This gorgeous set is donated by one of the fun-est and most delightful blogs on the interwebs. It includes a bag to strut your stuff IN, a pen to note your stuff down WITH and the coolest cards you could ever want to own. Bag dimensions:- 12” wide x 10” high x 3” very lightweight non-woven polypropylene.

NOTE :- As the bidding for this item is very high Whskr will also donate a chainmaille bracelet to the winning bidder.

This is a must for Katie and Waffles fans, and their Police photo is a genuine one in a million picture.
  • Starting bid :-  TBC but C'mon you KNOW you want this......
  • Shipping:- WORLDWIDE
  • Note to overseas bidders. Please confirm you can import catnip into your country or you can elect to omit the catnip mouse, if you bid is successful.


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IMPORTANT :- If you have any issues leaving a bid in the comments. Please email whskr AT mac DOT com    


  1. Awww.. Marjorie, you are so generous! If you win the bid, we'll substitute another toy for the one with catnip in it. We'll find something that is legal to send. : )

  2. I gonna bid $30

  3. Ok Cheri I hope you get it. I love glogirly too

    1. I love all the stuff she does! One of these days I hope to have her make an avatar or something for me :)