Friday, 7 August 2015


Auction closes Mon/Tue 17/18 August 2015

This blog is hosting the All Ears for Bootsie auction starting on the 10th of August 2015. Details of why we are hosting the auction can be found here on the blog. Bootsie needs an urgent foster in o around the Greenville SC area. If you can help either email us or contact Brian Frum via his blog. Donor Linda has written about her dog. Holly has had a similar operation to the one Bootsie may need, read her report below.
  • We will be honouring all of our donors and a shout out and promotion on FB/Twitter as a thank you for their generosity. 
Items will be uploaded initially on a rolling basis and bids welcomed immediately. If you have a good quality item for the auction please submit a clear, bright image to TeamDashKitten AT iCloud DOT com  Good pictures 'sell' the item really well and help Bootsie even more!

Auction items can be found here. 

How to Make a Bid
  • If you wish to place a bid, comment below the item you wish to bid on. 
  • Remember to check if shipping is extra to your bid.
  • Daily updates allow you to check if yours is the winning bid at any given time.
Any problems?
This auction is done with the permission of Brian Frum and his dad Terry but any queries or issues with Blogger not accepting a comment can be made to @whskr on Twitter or Email:- whskr AT mac DOT com 
  • Donations can be made independent of the auction, at any time, using the You Caring sidebar. 
Linda of Amber Da Weenie's blog 

Holly, a Jack Russell, had that very same surgery on her ear back in November of 2007.  Holly is still with us at the age of 15 and is doing very well although she has recently gone deaf but only from old age! Without the surgery, she would have gone deaf at a much earlier age.  Holly's ear was sewn completely shut during the surgery and her eardrum was actually moved to the side of her head.  It seemed very strange to us at the time but Holly adapted right away and it gave her many more years of excellent hearing.........

Holly was 7 years old when she had her surgery.  It was a delicate surgery but we had a lot of faith in our vet and knew he would take good care of our baby.  Holly had to spend one night in the hospital but only so they could watch for any abnormal bleeding.  She came home the next day and didn't have any problems adjusting to a normal life again.  She didn't even have to wear the "cone of shame".   It took about 10 days for the stitches to come out and that was about it.  I had to learn how to clean the new "hole in her head" where her eardrum had to be relocated."

Linda, Holly's Mum

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  1. Lovely guys...have sent some green papers and also shared this on our bloggie..hoping poor Bootsie soon is much better and living in a happy home...loves Fozziemum xx