Saturday, 8 August 2015

Contemporary Upcycled Earrings Radical Fun! #Item5

These handmade earrings created by jewellery artist Danapixie have a touch of adventure and fun to them!  Danapixie has been an immense support to our auction, thank you Dana!

These have a touch of the 'rad' and you can show your inner Goth while having a heap of fun - all for a price of a bid on these hand made treasures using upcycled materials.

Starting Bid :- $5.00

Shipping will be paid by Danapixie

More auction items can be found here.

TOP BID:-  Sylvia Rzeminski $10.00

IMPORTANT :- If you have any issues leaving a bid in the comments. Please email whskr AT mac DOT com 

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