Monday, 10 August 2015

Kitty Bowties and Flowers from Kitty Cat Chronicles #Item22

Meet kitty supermodel Sampson from donor the Kitty Cat Chronicles. Sadly we are not able to offer Sampson himself *fights off clamouring crowd* but we are able to offer:-

  •  Two Bow Ties and Two Flowers in the winners' choice of colours. 

To give you an idea of what the colour samples we enclose an image below from Sampson's Personal Assistant Emily - this shows both the bow ties and the flowers available. The winning bidder can choose from the colours shown (what decisions!!)  Usually the bow ties retail for $12 each, including shipping within the US - so get those bids in!!

  • Starting Bid:- $8.00
  • Shipping:- Free within the USA $5.00 shipping worldwide 


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IMPORTANT :- If you have any issues leaving a bid in the comments. Please email whskr AT mac DOT com